Any order placed with the company VIP WAY entails acceptance of the sales conditions below:

• Reservations canceled less than 48 hours before the start of the service or the absence of the customer at pick-up as well as
unconfirmed reservation options will be charged 100% of the indicated price. Deposits received are not refundable. Any termination by
the customer of a reservation, whatever the cause, results in the loss of the deposit, as fixed and irreducible compensation.
• The order must be placed by the customer at least 72 hours before their event to be fully satisfied and honored in the best conditions.
After this period, orders will be taken and confirmed depending on the availability of the VIP WAY company.
• Our services are payable at the end of service, except for customers with an account with our establishment, for whom periodic billing
is established. We accept payment by check, cash, transfer, credit card, American Express (5% of credit card fees will be the
responsibility of customers).
• Any service is fully due upon completion.
• Invoices payable upon receipt.
• Any amount not paid when due will automatically, and without prior notice, be subject to late payment penalties of 1.5 times the legal
rate according to law 92.1442 of 12/31/92. In the event of late payment by the subscriber, orders or deliveries in progress may be
canceled without prior notice or prejudice to any compensation and/or course of action.
• The price given corresponds to a price per vehicle, whatever the number of people, maximum 4 people for a sedan and 7 people for a
• The transfer rate applies to direct travel without stopping or waiting from the pick-up point to the arrival point.
• Any time started is due.
• Mileage and time are counted when leaving the garage and when returning to the garage.
• Any excess time and/or kilometers not provided for in the initial quote will be charged extra.
• Tolls, parking, show tickets, etc. not provided for in the reservation are the responsibility of the customer.
• For provision in Paris and for all categories of vehicles, 20km/hour is included.
• For all services (except transfers) starting before midday and ending after 2:00 p.m., as well as for all services carried out between
7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., drivers’ meals will be charged at €35.00 excluding tax/meal).
• For the collection of their luggage at the airports, we allow in our prices a waiting time of 30 minutes compared to the theoretical time
of arrival of the flight. For the collection of our customers at the stations, we include a waiting time of 15 minutes compared to the
theoretical arrival time of the train. VIP WAY is not responsible for delays in rail and air traffic and for the vagaries of the proper
functioning of airport services, beyond this waiting time an amount of €20.00 including tax in a weekday rate and €27.00 including tax,
nightly, weekday and weekend rates will be billed in increments of 15 minutes (any quarter of an hour started is due).
• It is expressly agreed that delays in transport times due to unforeseen traffic difficulties do not give rise to compensation of any kind
(traffic jams, accidents, diversions, weather conditions, various events, etc.).
• Night supplement, Sundays and public holidays: +25% of the base price.
• Availability service in Paris: minimum billing of 5 hours.
• The volume of baggage transported is proportional to the capacity of the vehicle. Luggage is accepted up to a limit of 23kg per person
depending on the vehicle’s useful volume capacity and remains in the vehicle’s custody.
• The company declines all responsibility for the transport of hand luggage.
• The company is not responsible for any items forgotten by passengers in the vehicle (or elsewhere) during the service.
• Respect for the equipment is required: Any damage to the equipment will be charged. Deterioration of the interior equipment or other
damage inflicted on the vehicle or other vehicles, for example when the doors are opened unexpectedly, will be the responsibility of
the customer. Please let the driver open the doors for you.
• The company reserves the right to interrupt the current service if the behavior of the passengers endangers the safety of the driver or
that of the vehicle or if the passengers behave in an insulting manner towards the driver.
• The driver is instructed to respect and enforce the laws in force.
• Under no circumstances will passengers be able to demand that the driver exceed the authorized speed or commit violations of the
Highway Code.
• Each passenger must fasten their seat belt. In the event of an accident or fine, the company declines all liability linked to failure to
wear a seat belt.
• No animals are accepted in the vehicle, except in a cage or airtight container provided for this purpose. Exception made to the guide
dog for people with visual impairments.